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November 2023 Newsletter

Helloooo November!
It’s the first day of November as I sit here finishing the edits on our November newsletter and I’m currently watching light snow falling out of my office window. I’ve never been a fan of being cold and so sometimes my thoughts go to sadness about the winter hibernation ahead as I long for spring and sunshine to return. It was just a few years ago when I started to realize

October 2023 Newsletter

I can not believe this is the 12th edition of our monthly newsletter! One whole year is done. It’s been an exciting adventure with many huge accomplishments along the way. From the purchase and renovation of our new offices at 20 Main Street, new staff, new partners and exciting visions for our future, all of it has been amazing to watch come together.

September 2023 Newsletter

Hello! It is probably the mom in me, but I always think of September as the “real” beginning of the new year. It’s a time for a new planner, adding all the kids schedules and getting back into a set routine after summer break. In about 2 weeks, you will likely find me looking lost and overtired as I try to juggle sports schedules, healthy meals, work demands and sleep.

Camden Life Center Outdoor Food Pantry Installed

The Camden Life Center at 20 Main Street has installed a small outdoor cupboard that houses a brand-new outdoor food pantry. Similar in style to the “Little Free Library” book lending cabinets available in towns across the country, the pantry will provide 24/7 access to non-perishable food items, hygiene products and other essentials to any members of the community who may need them.

August 2023 Newsletter

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying your summer as much as I have. Sunshine and time outdoors always boosts my mood and helps me keep active. For August, we celebrate “Summer Sun and the Great Outdoors” (see page 2 for more information) and all the health benefits that it brings.
The close of July brought us a wonderful gift from the Camden Central School Districts “Construction Crew” from Camp-Sum-More-Fun. Students in Mr. Calkins group built us the most amazing outdoor food pantry box!

The Camden Life Spotlight 7.7.2023

Camden is a small town with a tight-knit community and a rural atmosphere, surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including rolling hills, farmland, and nearby bodies of water. The area offers opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and boating.
Compared to larger cities, the cost of living in Camden is generally more affordable. Housing prices and rental rates are relatively reasonable, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more affordable place to live.

July 2023 Newsletter

Hello! Stephenie here! Many people ask me when I’m out and about what the Camden Life Center is about and how they can help support our programs and services so I thought I would share. One way is by donating items that will be passed on to those in need. For a list of items most needed, please see page 4. Another way you can support the Camden Life Center is by attending one or more of our many events, classes, or functions. Your attendance will help the host of each of these feel wanted, needed, and valued.

June 2023 Newsletter

I don’t know about you but I am READY for summertime. Sunshine, freshly mowed lawns, tilled dirt, bonfires, and the warm breeze make me so happy.
The CLC is gearing up for the end of the school year later this month and the start of warmer (and less structured) days with our kiddo’s. Because of this, we are doing a few things:

Reaching Rural Announcement

Local Jessica Perusse of Camden Life Center, selected to participate in national initiative to help rural communities find substance use and misuse solutions

May 2023 Newsletter

As I sit here writing this month’s newsletter, I’m thinking about
the fact that this edition is a few days late in sending out. My
mind bounces between all the exciting things that have been
unfolding over the last month.

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